Thank you for considering a donation.

The Kolbe Fund welcomes your generosity and donation. We hope to keep growing and helping more families each year. Your help can make that happen.

Using PayPal, you are able to designate any dollar amount. If you would like to make sure your donation is applied immediately, here are some helpful guidelines:



$50 will help pay for a family's parking for one week.


$75 will provide a Kolbe Fund tote bag filled with $50 in gift cards to local establishments, notebook and pen, snacks, a toy and water.


$150 will provide a restful night, parking and meals for a family with a sick child.


$750 will sponsor a family for the duration of their
child's hospitalization.
(Average 5 nights. Contact The Kolbe Fund 
for details.)


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As an alternative to making a donation online,
you may also mail checks made payable
to the The Kolbe Fund:


701 Old Valley Road

Exton, PA 19341



PayPal Donation

The Kolbe Fund qualifies as a 501(c)3 organization and therefore contributions to The Kolbe Fund may be tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.  Please consult with your tax advisor.


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