Some of our "Kolbe Families"
While we help families from around the country, more than half of our families come from Pennsylvania or New Jersey. The Kolbe Fund provides assistance to families regardless of their child’s diagnosis.


Our experience with the Kolbe Fund was effortless and amazing! Our son Max attended the feeding program at CHOP in November and December 2013. When we arrived at the Sheraton, everything was outlined and we were in our room within minutes – they went way above and beyond by also providing parking and extra money a week for food. 


What truly touched my heart was receiving a Christmas gift from the Kolbe fund one night at the hotel not only for my son but for me and my husband as well with a handwritten card, it was a personal touch that was and will never be forgotten - The Kolbe Fund made our long stay out of state bearable and took a lot of extra stress off of our family, as I do not think we would have been able to attend the feeding program if they did not help us!


When Janelle and Joe learned that their newborn baby needed surgery on her esophagus, they brought her to CHOP for the best care. They live more than two hours away from the hospital and desperately wanted to be near her during her 6 week hospital stay. The Kolbe Fund covered lodging expenses for 10 days until there was vacancy at the local Ronald McDonald House. Janelle said “We would not have been able to stay near our newborn without the assistance of The Kolbe Fund.”

Sheillyn and her mother live in Lancaster and were provided accommodations at the University City Sheraton in November of 2013. Sheillyn and her mother were at CHOP every weekday from 8:30am-4:30pm in the Day Hospital Feeding Program, for four weeks. Without help from The Kolbe Fund, Sheillyn would not have been able to admit to the program. She was discharged surpassing her nutrition goals and continues to add volume and variety to her meals every day!

Trinity is a 3 year old with short gut syndrome. She relies on g-tube feeds and TPN through a central line for nutrition. Trinity and I met 2 years ago when she was a patient of mine. She has since become my foster child and we will be adopting her soon! When we first met Trinity would not eat anything by mouth let alone touch food. We were referred to the CHOP feeding team. After the appointment came hope and fear! Living over 65 miles away from CHOP I began to question how I would get there every day. I looked into staying at a hotel but it became quickly evident that it would be too costly. The social worker from the feeding team then told me about The Kolbe Fund!

Trinity is now eating by mouth 3 times a day and drinks from a cup. She helps with meal time prep and clean up. The Kolbe Fund was not only a means to help me but a huge factor in the decision making to move forward with the feeding program. I could not have been able to do this with out the support if The Kolbe Fund! I am forever grateful to the staff and volunteers that made this possible for Trinity!

Elijah was born twice. Under an amazing new medical procedure, he was removed from his mother's womb and given ground-breaking fetal surgery on a lung tumor. His parents stayed at the Camden, NJ Ronald McDonald House for the next five months as his mother recuperated, and then Elijah was born a second time! Unfortunately he has struggled with collateral medical problems on and off since his birth. His parents have travelled multiple times to CHOP for a wide variety of procedures and follow-up care.


Elijah's family was helped by The Kolbe Fund in spring of 2014. Check out a few links to Elijah's fascinating and miraculous story. We are proud to help with a small part of this radical medical breakthrough.


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